Cinderella Slot Online

Cinderella Slot Online – There is good and bad, and the line between the two is very thin. We all know the story of Cinderella, constantly insulted and humiliated by her horrible step family… but surprisingly, she managed to keep her mental instability that she met forever. . We’ll be popping those balls left, right and center! But this is an old children’s story, let’s keep it light.

Cinderella Slot is a story of hope, forgiveness, love and beauty. We should have learned a thing or two from him, but there were 5 of us – this was our second chance. Thanks platypus. Hey Prince Charming, we’re coming for you!

Cinderella Slot Online

Innocent little Ella, she was loved by everyone around her. Instead of using his broom to kill Jock and Gus, the cute little critters, he befriended them and turned him into little kicks. Not many people would, let’s be honest. The Cinderella slot is filled with memories of this wonderful story.

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A large part of Ella’s story can be seen on the reels, and these include her horse Major, the mouse Gus, the phantom pumpkin, the striking clock at midnight, and a bag of corn. On the reel is a royal card deck with these memorable symbols.

The wild symbol is a fresh-faced Cinderella, and of course we can’t forget the glass slipper that brought her and Prince Charming together… this is Skeeter.

The Cinderella slot has a fantastic bonus wheel feature, and to get a chance to spin this magical wheel, we need to land 3 scatter symbols on the screen. They can only land on the first 3 rails.

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Once this is achieved, a bonus wheel will appear for us to spin. It offers the chance to win one of six features including the number of free spins and the number of reels containing wild symbols – these amounts will depend on the feature your spins land on.

Barbie: Cinderella (barbie) By Golden Books, Hardcover, 9780593483855

As Ella’s fortunes change in the hands of an hour, so will ours in the hands of this bonus wheel!

Is this our happy ending? Quite possible… slot Cinderella from Platypus won a maximum of € 48,000 – which will certainly make for cheers.

These fairy tales are definitely fond memories of our childhood days, so if you enjoy the memories, these magical slots are also for you to play: Beauty and the Beast Slot, Rapunzel’s Tower Slot, and Poisoned Apple slot

Cinderella Slot takes us back to the good old days, and we have the stuff to make today! With an RTP of 95%, and high volatility, this rich fantasy can become our reality, YAY!

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