Rasputin Slot Online

Rasputin Slot Online – Automatically top up when depositing. Cancellation may be requested. Initial deposit only. Minimum deposit: £ 10. Game: Tor Spin Price: £ 0.1 WR 60x Free Spin Amount (Slots Only) for 30 days. The maximum bet is 10% (£ 0.10 min) of the free spins win amount or £ 5 (minimum amount applies). Revolutions must be used prior to deposit. Welcome bonus can be claimed once every 72 hours in all casinos. Bonus policy will apply.

This 3×3 slot game from Merkur is based on a legendary monk from Russian history. He will randomly show up on the game grid and fix you up with solid vision!

Rasputin Slot Online

His presence helps bring more personality and flexibility to Magic Monk Rasputin. But there is more to this slot than the characters it relies on!

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Like? One of the most impressive aspects of the Magic Monk Rasputin slot game is its unique tower structure. Each win you get from a combination of matching symbols will push you up one step on one of the three prize towers instead of giving you a traditional payout.

The Magic Monk Rasputin slot game has a unique design that you may find a little difficult at first. But soon it will be clear when you turn the wheel.

The game grid is placed on the left side of the screen and three towers / ladders are located on the right side. The grid has three roots and three rows of five pay lines.

Its highlights include Crown Jewels and priceless Faberge eggs, beautifully designed. You spin the wheel and any winning combination you get will push you up the three reward towers. Two or three symbols are needed to create a combination.

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You will not collect the payouts for the winnings immediately – they will be credited to your bank account. It increases as you move down the tower one step at a time.

The first and third towers had eight arches and the second tower had 16 arches. You need at least two rings to climb the first tower: the blue ring walks one or two red steps, two to four colors Three to six greens. (Depending on whether there are two or three signals coming down on a spin).

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You climb the second ladder, creating a winning combination with the crown. Again, each color provides a specific number of steps based on the result of each rotation.

You can collect prizes at any time by clicking the Collect button in the game board or use the Partial Collection option to transfer a certain amount of cash to your winnings instead. But one set will reduce your position on each tower by one level.

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If Rasputin’s face appears on the game grid, all towers will reset and your bank account will be empty!

Press the spin button to rotate the wheel and press the Autostart button to start spinning automatically. You can change your stock by tapping a button with two coins.

Unfortunately, there is no Magic Monk Rasputin Free Spins feature, this game is lighter in terms of bonus features compared to some online slots.

But even if the Rasputin Magic Monk cannot accept free game rounds, you can still claim a generous portion of the free spins!

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The Gamble function is available when you collect or collect rewards in part from the cashier. Magic Monk Rasputin game gives you a short time to choose a card or character based on the ladder.

The card-based gaming function is similar to other slots: you are dealt six cards and one face card. You have to guess whether this undisclosed card is red or black when it is dealt.

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Ladder-based functions give you a lot of reward space. Press the 1: 1 button and you will go up or down. You can continue playing until you lose.

The most valuable symbols in the Magic Monk Rasputin slot machine are the green ring, the red crown and the Fabergé green egg. These take you up three or six steps on each tower / ladder, depending on whether you spend two or three bikes.

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The following symbols have the lowest prices in the Magic Monk Rasputin online slot: blue ring, blue crown, yellow Faberge egg. For two or three symbols, you will receive one or two levels, respectively.

After clicking the Collect button or the Collection section, you can play your prize game. Choose from cards or features based on the ladder: each gives you a double chance of winning or losing.

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The first, second and third towers are level 8, 16 and 8, respectively. The combination of win-win symbols rewards a certain number of steps that allow you to climb the tower at the same time.

You can bet at least 1,000 credits in the Magic Monk Rasputin online slot game. Press the button with the coin stack to change your stock.

The maximum bet in Magic Monk Rasputin is 50,000 credits. You can select it manually or press the top button to increase the stock immediately to the maximum.

The Magic Monk Rasputin slot has a unique new design that offers a different gaming experience compared to many other titles. The tower-based prize structure creates a unique sense of progress as you create winning combinations and the options for collecting or playing prizes are amazing.

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Some games may be removed or temporarily unavailable due to regulatory requirements or decisions made by the game provider. I mean, with smartphones, maps and Google’s creation, I do not know if I need much more, but I go. The surprise here is that I know very little about Rasputin. Although a quick Google search tells me he was “some Russian man who was seen as a mystery, a fortune teller and a prophet, and by others as a heretic.” In one of the most popular pop bands of the 1970s, Boney M used his name and story for a song that topped the charts in Australia, Germany and Austria and reached number two in the UK and Switzerland. . Even today, Tik Tok revived the song, with DJ and producer Majestic of North London remixing the song, which reached over 6 million views and topped the UK charts. United States and Europe.

So which artist do we know likes to add classical music to their releases – and songs you never expected? That’s right – Big Time Gaming after their success with Outlaw Rasputin Megaways, a powerful release with a fixed RTP of 96.68% and up to 68, 180x bets.

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Seeing things bright and bold with Russian architecture in the background. The sky was cloudy and instead of the ground we had a dance floor with lanterns and disco lights. The music is as you would expect with Bonnie M’s popularity connecting everything to something amazing. Thankfully, the team could not go any further. When rotating freely, it all goes into a high gearbox, but until then it has more background noise, sounding like dangerous high voltage. Overall a great Big Time gameplay, but overall almost perfect.

Running on 6 Reels Winning is created by matching 2 or 3 symbols on adjacent reels in Rasputin Megaways, starting with the left reel. Each reel has up to 10 symbols in the base game, creating 1,000,000 ways to win, or 12 symbols in the 2,985,984 ways generating feature to win. Symbols starting with 9s, 10s, Js, Qs, Ks and As give 3 types of rewards between 0.20 and 0.30x, bets increase to 6 types between 0.80 and 0.90x bets. At the great end, we have Faberge Eggs in the classic Big Time game style of green, blue, red and purple. Landing 3 Eggs Green, Blue or Red Win between 0.40 and 0.60x Bets that add up to 6 values ​​between 1 and 1.50x. Rounding the usual symbol is the purple egg Fabergé, the only symbol for Street 2. Land 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 purple eggs to view bets 1.50, 2.50, 5, 10, or 50x, respectively.

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Okay, the main feature in Rasputin Megaways is the wild nature of Rasputin. When Rasputin Wild lands on the wheel, it shows a number during the base game, this number can be anything 48. Whichever number is shown, Rasputin Wilds adds several symbols.

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